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The Dequindre Cut cleaning/disinfecting appointment pays homage to one of Detroit’s coolest locations and is one of the best pathways to a clean space and more free time. This cleaning and disinfectant process is often used in medium to large homes/work spaces, from 3-5 bedrooms : or 1,800-3,200 square feet. It’s also great for 1-3 , bedroom homes in need of a deep cleaning. “Checked back with my client today after cleaning service, and she said the job was excellent. Thank you, April’s Cleaning Services.” Once you’ve decided that you need to hire a cleaning company to help you out, the first thing you should consider is what kind of cleaning you are interested in. Are you looking for a one-time cleaning or are you looking to develop a longer-lasting relationship with the cleaner company?carpet cleaning co near meJohn and his team pride themselves on providing top notch customer service. Your phone call will be met with a friendly greeting, a thorough review of your needs, and as much time as you need for us to review our , process and provide you a quote. Once your appointment is scheduled, you can count on Burdick#8217;s , Cleaning to arrive promptly for your appointment. Very Happy. Had my carpets done about 3 days ago and they look beautiful. Technician was on time, very pleasant and did a beautiful job. The carpets were not soaked, and dried quickly. After a few days you can see all spots were removed. I will definitely have them again and recommend them to others, thank you. - Patty P. Hoffman Carpet Cleaning would like to thank the men and women who have served our country. To show our appreciation for their service, we are honored to announce our 10% off military discount to all veterans and active duty members. We truly can’t express our gratitude for your service.floor stripping service near meOur special process of stripping and waxing floors in Lancaster has helped many businesses, schools, department stores, financial institutions, and more shine for their customers. A dirty or poorly maintained , floor gives a negative impression of your company to anyone who enters your building, including your employees and clients. Your floors go through a lot of wear and tear due to heavy usage and minor accidents like spillage, but regular maintenance and professional floor cleaning services will keep them safe and clean, which will help you save money and reduce stress in the long run. If you have a data room or electrical room your more than likely have SDT tiles (Static Dissipative Tile) not VCT tiles. There is a big difference. SDT tile is engineered to be anti static. These floors also have to be treated with a SDT wax. Regular wax will not give these floors the proper characteristics they were designed to have. We handle large scale electrical and data rooms. Call us for your Anti Static wax service.