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Saving Hawaii Weddings

Updated: May 17, 2021

It’s been a year since the Corona virus hit Hawaii and shuttered our state. From total lockdowns to re-opening with our tiered system it’s finally looking like things are getting back to “normal”, that is except for the wedding industry.

In the city’s reopening strategy we are currently in tier 3. Modifications to tier 3 have been made after Mayor Blangiardi listened to the people and proposed looser restrictions in tier 3 categories such as team sports and funerals. In tier 3 weddings can be held with up to 10 people. When the couple has an officiant, a photographer, videographer, and a coordinator, that leaves them with having to choose which 4 people can attend their big day. Unfortunately the city and the State Department of Health still felt that weddings couldn’t be done safely.

“It’s frustrating that our wedding industry, which is composed of commercially licensed and insured professionals, is being discriminated against,” said O‘ahu Wedding Association President Joseph Esser.

Members of the wedding industry, including ourselves, came together for a rally on March 19th in front of Honolulu Hale to get the attention of the mayor. Mayor Blangiardi stepped out of his office to meet with us and listened to what we had to say.

The following day Honolulu Mayor said he wants to increase capacity at Oahu weddings.

“I’m prepared to go back to the State Department of Health and say, ‘you know, can we just have 25 people as a structured event,’ and we know the protocols we’ll adhere to those.” Blangiardi said on the Star-Advertiser’s Spotlight Hawaii

We believe that weddings can be done safely and within guidelines so we can get back to celebrating love with family and friends.

Photo Credit: KITV4 Photographer Paul Omengkar

See the full article by the Star Advertiser

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