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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Couples who don’t want to, or can’t postpone their weddings are forced to significantly downsize their guest count. This leaves couples with the difficult decision to choose who will be in attendance. Thankfully with today’s technology we can help ease that feeling of “leaving someone out” by Live-Streaming your ceremony for ALL of your guests.

Jessika and Angel got married on a beautiful Saturday afternoon after having to postpone their wedding, cancel their reception, and cut back on their guest count. After all of that, unfortunately Angel’s parents couldn’t attend because of the travel restrictions put in place. Jessika and Angel chose to Live-Stream their ceremony so his parents, along with the rest of their family and friends, could virtually attend.

We were happy to provide Jessika and Angel with their own personalized wedding website complete with live countdown, registry, guest book, and e-invites for guests to RSVP. They chose to Live Stream with multiple camera angles so their guests could not only see her as she walked down the aisle, but his reaction as well, along with all the other important angles which make a wedding video look amazing.

Although we are going through some uncharted waters, and sometimes you feel like just giving up on your dream wedding, remember Jessika and Angel still had a beautiful wedding and so can you! 💕

(Screen capture of Live Stream)

Couple: Jessika & Angel

Coordinator: Lilikoi Lane

Live Stream: Dream FX Media

Photographer: Rianon Stephens

MUA: Leimomi

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